Liens pour le weekend

  1. Horizontal Shower at Dornbracht
  2. The future of Ambient Scent via Grain de Musc and olfactive installation by Francis Kurkdijan
  3. Antilipophobia – Oil, a new very ancient star product
  4. Ancient Bath in Tribeca
  5. The Appian Way – Must Read , adventure road for travellers and our inspiration.
  6. Nomadic Kit, utilitarian and healthy tool, beautiful object and dreamed transport gear for Appia.
  7. Re-discovered this canado-danish healthy and gourmet heaven: My New Roots

Appia aime: Tiger in a Jar! / Appia loves: Tiger in a Jar!

cranberry mulled cider from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

via Anthology Magazine

Rituel poudré: un soin velours pour le corps

Set photography from Ridicule, Patrice Leconte movie.
Two maid blow the talc on the women body.
picture from “Livre du Bain”.

via Mon divan fumoir bohémien

Silvia Milo- Mozart Sister Play

Laetitia Casta aux bains: un livre de Dominique Issermann

An artist: photographer Dominique Issermann.
A muse: Laetitia Casta.
A place: Vals Thermal Bath by famous architect Peter  Zumtor.

A book:  Three days of  in the warm and mineral waters with the Swiss mountains as background. The artist catch the French actress in this world of steam, stone and water.

To be published by Steidl on December 1th 2011.  A reunion of art and wellness. Intriguing!

Spa à la main: Le feutre d' Inga Samusiene- Coup de coeur!

A true coup de coeur, this discovery of Inga Samusiene’ s felt slippers. All shoes are handmade by Inga and her husband on their farm in Lithuania. Made from merino wool, they gently massage the foot and adjusts to the body temperature. There are also certain model made from Lithuanian wool stimulating circulation and exfoliating gently the skin.

A gallery of her beautiful and sensible work:

    New York: Parcours Mieux Être

    A wellness journey in NY. I thought I would have a hard time to find. The first thing that comes to us: Central Park- the green lung of the island, where you can see Upper East Side’s New Yorker do their running. But here as elsewhere, the Big Apple (well, well another allusion to the well-being!) is so more and so ahead of many others.

    While Occupy Wall Street echoes in the world, I am touched to see all these small initiatives. It makes me hope America can still change.And hoping that they also become points of interest.

    Images and addresses of our 4 days of wellness in Manhattan:

    We went to visit the second segment of the High Line recently opened, taking care to get lunche boxes from Lobster Place at Chelsea Market. A good dose of omega-3 in the open air.

    It was the Cider Week in New Amsterdam Market. So we enjoyed a delicious variety of local apple cider, but I wish I also tasted the homemade soft drinks and local beer , they have so nice packaging! I returned later when we crossed the ice cream truck Van Leeuwen and their inspiring flavors: red currant and cream of the Hudson Valley, Oregon Organic Mint and Chocolate Chip, Ginger, etc..

    There are a multitude of healthy “Food Truck” in the city, we will have to come back and try them!

    Sunday Program: Laugh! No need to exhibit statistics on the benefits of laughing,you know. Hot Soup’s on Sunday Night @ UCB East is an evening of young stand-up comic in East Village.

    UCB Theater East-155 East 3rd Street.

    While I was waiting for Hugo at  Union Square Market, I bought my last memory: Honey produced in New York’s bees from Manhattan and Brooklyn. Andrew’s Local Honey

    Another souvenir Edible Brooklyn Cookbook, which I bought because I really want to start making ice cream, but it will be another post.

    Apothicary and perfumers, a few good adresses:

    The Art of Scent

    As a New York Times’s columnist, Chandler Burr, wrote about perfumery as a form of art. His descriptions and his observations of “the art of scent” were so captivating that I could not anymore imagine myself wearing a perfume not knowing the history, inspiration and creator that brought it to life. For him, the perfumers, les “nez” are most of the time unknown artists that have molecules as an art material in order to create evanescent and invisible pieces of art. Chandler Burr is now Curator of Department of Olfactory Art at the MAD New York, but before being able to “breathe” the first exhibit dedicated to history of the olfactory art between 1889-2011. You can watch this TED video where he walk us through 3 perfumes with historical, cultural and artistic references.

    more of Chandler Burr:

    books:”The Perfect Scent” and “The emperor of Scent”

    Scent dinners:

    Un bain en trois temps

    All Natural

    The Teak bath is hand made using traditional methods in the Highlands of Scotland by a boat builder - The Water Monopoly


    Collection Scoop at Falper

    En Color Block

    Collection Volo at Flaminia

    Lisboa: parcours wellness

    Wellness Path #1: Oméga 3 – Soap bars – Walks

    Wellness Path #2: Olive oil – Vintage grooming – Sun Protection

    Wellness Path #3: Color Breaks – Local Craftmanship – Restful Sleep

    Adresses book:

    • Savonnerie Claus Porto since 1887 A Vida PortuguesaR. Anchieta 11

      213 465 073

    • Conserves Jose Gourmet Voa StoreR. Nova do Almada 96

      213 427 097

    • Catarina MartinsLoja do chiadoR. Misericordia 100

      213 472 293

    • KaisR. da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa213 932 930
    • Antiqua Barbearia de BairroA Vida PortuguesaR. Anchieta 11

      213 465 073

    • Salmarim Flor de SalA Vida PortuguesaR. Anchieta 11

      213 465 073

    • Lobo Taste
    • Graffiti du groupe Os Gemeos
    • Lisbon Dream Guest House R. Rodrigo da Fonseca 29213 872 393
    • Voa Fleuriste R. Nova do Almada 96213 427 097
    • Otchipotchi TemperamentoR. da Madalena 18B

      218 876 208

    • Lost in Esplanada R.D. Predro V 56


    La grotta della civita – Sextantio Albergo Diffuso

    Negombo Hotel Spa via To the bath